Tropical Storms: Protect Your Home and Property

by on March 26, 2012

For people living in certain parts of the world, such as the south eastern United States and Southeast Asia, tropical storms and hurricanes, or typhoons, as they are also known, are natural forces with which the inhabitants must deal. These storms can be quite violent and dangerous, so it is important to protect oneself, and it is also important to protect one’s property.

Generally, there are quite a few tropical storms, every year, and some of these become more powerful and are upgraded to be considered hurricanes. For example, in the 2011 Atlantic Hurricane season, twenty tropical depressions occurred. Of the twenty tropical depressions, nineteen were advanced to tropical storms, and seven of these tropical storms were advanced to hurricane designation. The differences between these different kinds of storms involve wind speed and air pressure. Together, the twenty storms caused a total of over $12.2 billion in damage along Atlantic and Caribbean coastlines and islands. This data provides certain reasoning that one should look into getting some sort of homeowner’s or renters insurance.

Renters insurance can protect your property from a tropical stormAs far as houses are concerned, the winds involved with tropical storms and hurricanes are not too damaging to structures, but there are some companies that specialized in creating hurricane resistant windows. This is an option can be quite expensive, but installing windows yourself can be quite effective if you know why use a finishing tool. Flooding can also be damaging to people’s homes, and it is somewhat difficult to predict, and even more difficult to defend against. For those worried about flooding, homeowner’s insurance is the best route to take. There are many different insurance plans on the market, but flood insurance is not always included in many packages. It is, therefore, necessary that one protect their property by finding a company that offers insurance packages, including flood insurance, as well as other forms of insurance that account for property that can be damaged by tropical storms, hurricanes, and typhoons.

Some people might not live in standard mortgaged house, perhaps renting apartments, condos, or duplexes. In these cases, renters’ insurance services should be considered. When taking care of something that someone else owns, it important that it be protected, since the renter is accountable for any damage that occurs to it.

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Richard Hughes July 4, 2012 at 10:58 am

Interesting post.

I think purchasing weather proof windows is a good tip. No matter how expensive, it is surely best to be safe, rather than risk hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Checking your policy carefully before taking one out is also good advice, as you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you thought you were covered in the case of flooding, only to find that you aren’t.

And you should NEVER take out a policy that is cheap with the intention of arguing the toss if ever you need to claim for flooding. If it isn’t covered, shouting down a phone to someone in a call centre isn’t going to change that. Some people seem to think that if you argue fervently enough, companies will bow to your demands to get you off the line and keep a quiet life. This is in no way the case.


Andrea July 17, 2012 at 7:36 am

Natural disaster can really put us at a dramatic situation, it’s better to be prepared and assured that if something like that happens we have something to rely on. Home insurance and natural disaster insurance is the best policy we can get if we are living in a environment that is prone to storms, hurricane, typhoon and flood. I remember back in 2011 the tsunami that hit japan, many of the affected families became homeless because of this natural disaster.


Eric Szvoboda June 21, 2013 at 5:59 pm

I agree with Richard… weather proof windows are really great additions to protect your home. If you are going to get insurance for you home make sure to do these three things:

1. Find serveral sites that you qualify for. Then check out some reviews from another website. rate them from first to worse

2.Read the fine print… yes all of it. Even if you have to split it up into a couple of days its better than getting screwed.

3. Talk to a customer service representative and hammer out the details, make sure to ask for all clarifications in writing.

It makes the process take a little longer but it is worth it!


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