16 Ways to Conserve Energy and Save Money

by on June 2, 2010

People these days are planning for early retirement and trying their hands in different modes and methods of saving or investing their hard earned money. Well we thought why not give them a whole new dimension of saving money. Yes I’m talking of saving a whopping amount by spending smartly their daily routine expenditures. We thought of providing our dear readers with some excellent tips of saving money and conserving our natural resources which are being depleted at a very rapid rate. So use these limited resources wisely and contribute to make the environment green.

Control Electricity Consumption

  1. Turning your refrigerator low on power – A refrigerator consumes approximately 20 % of household electricity, so try and keep its temperature to 37 degrees. Make sure if energy saver switch is always turned on. Check for the gaskets on your refrigerator doors so that they are sealed tightly. Then if you don’t have a smart meter, you can use an energy monitor like this energy monitoring plug, as that will offer you all of the information on electricity usage that you need.
  2. Use the dishwasher smartly – Try and use the dishwasher few times only, when you have loads of dishes to wash. avoid using your dishwasher for small load. If you avoid using the heat option you can easily save up to 20 percent of electricity. Regional Energy has the lowest Alberta electricity rates of any company.
  3. Try the New technology – Replace the old and outdated electrical appliances with new and efficient ones, for e.g. use LED Panel Lights instead of the old extra watt heavy bulbs, which will make you save up to 80 percent of electricity.
  4. Turn Off the unused devices – When not at home turn off all the electrical devices like your computer laptops or washing machines, which will help you save a lot on power.
  5. Keep the Air filters clean – Try and keep all the air filters clean as they affect the cooling effectively. Trust Lee AC and Heat for the best AC services without hassle.
  6. Customize the home cooling or heating devices – There is no need to waste energy on cooling or heating empty rooms, so have a customized home temperature maintaining device.
  7. Wash your clothes in cold water – Using hot water for laundry is a myth people think that hot water washes clothes more effectively, but believe it or not cold water washes your clothes more efficiently. Just give it a try.
  8. Use Weather stripping – An inexpensive method that will help you save loads of cash.
  9. Install Low Flow Shower Heads – This will save you a lot of hot water and in turn a lot of electricity that would have been used to heat that extra water.  Couple the new low flow shower head with a flow meter to save even more money on your water bill through having the ability to monitor and regulate your water usage around the house.
  10. Use Recyclable products – Always use products that are recyclable or can be reused for e.g. Try and buy minimally packaged goods, avoid Plastic objects or bags. By doing this you can save a lot of energy and production of CO2 also and not to forget some money.
  11. Get a Bicycle – Get yourself a step-through electric bike for domestic purposes as it is a real good replacement to cars. By doing this you can save a lot of fuel and money that you’ll be spending on health clubs too.
  12. Go Green – Try and use the resources which are reusable available in abundance and environment friendly.

Make your office environment friendly

  1. Save energy in office by controlling electricity consumption. Find out the answer to “can LED downlights be dimmed” and benefits of dimming lights.
  2. Try and maintain a moderate temperature in office that is neither too cold nor too hot. This will help you save a lot on Air condition bills.
  3. Use recyclable Paper.
  4. Promote car pooling amongst your office employees and colleagues. This will surely help you save big bucks on fuel expenses.

These tips may not appear very significant to you but surely are very effective and true if practiced sincerely. By following these tips you will not only save natural resources and money but you will also be reducing the carbon footprint of your family.  Don’t wait for others to start then you will follow instead start today and be an inspiration to others.

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Eric Myers August 5, 2010 at 3:34 am

My office has been able to save a lot on the phone bill, electricity, and employee wages outsourcing out phones to a telephone answering service. Id really recommend it. We have had a lot of budget problem recently and saving costs from the big to the little things have really helped


AnnDenee May 26, 2011 at 3:21 pm

I always save paper that’s only printed on one side and use it for viewing “drafts” when creating a new document. Sometimes the print preview just isn’t the same.


office paper recycling April 23, 2013 at 7:15 am

I think today every country is contributing to the tasks of recycling papers and cardboard products this is very effective in saving energy and electricity used in paper production.


Julian June 2, 2015 at 10:41 am

All of the suggestions comes at a cost, but ultimately in the long run and several years later, they will end up paying for themselves.

But getting a bike would be the best investment and something which you can save a noticeable amount of income on straight away, plus it will keep you fit.

If you’re doing a few miles to get and from work or in general, it will save you allot of money almost instantly.

Thanks for this post!


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