5 Ways to Handle Job Search Rejection

by on September 27, 2011

The anxiety of getting a good job coupled with the stress of being rejected is often suffered by job seekers. They consider rejections as roadblock to their success. Job search only comes to end, when you overcome rejections. So, there are five essential tips for you to deal with rejections.

Be optimistic

On getting a rejection, don’t get disappointed. Review your job-search process comprehensively. You will come to know that you didn’t have definite view as which jobs to grab. With this, you will be in a position to choose a job from finite options. Keep an optimistic approach and move ahead, you will definitely get the right job for you.

Keep your determination intact

Don’t get discouraged, if you have faced rejection. Don’t let your determination lose strength. Keep searching for job options. Remain positive and that would overcome your depressing mental status. Take job search as challenge and be determined to achieve the same. Put in hard efforts to search out hidden jobs in the market. Job opportunities are not limited to sources such as Internet job postings or recruiters, in fact around 70-80% of the job hirers belong to other sources. These jobs are hidden in the form of inside referrals. Take every move strategically, keeping your focus in mind.

Keep moving on a salesman’s steps

A salesperson’s success is fastened to the number of sales he/she makes. The rejections determine success of salespersons. With every rejection, they move just one step ahead to success. Taking rejections into consideration, one will be in a position to grab a good job offer. Keep counting and acting on your rejections, which will ultimately lead to you to the path of success.

Set a goal and focus on it

Rejection doesn’t mean that you were not apt for the job, but it could be the job that was not the right one for you. The future could hold the best job opportunity for you. Determine your goal and be clear what you want to achieve. The universe will help you to bestow you a job of your choice. Identifying the right job for you is not an easy task, so always think of your stipulated goals; the right job will come to you. And keep reciting “I will win job X job or better”.

Don’t give an impression that you don’t require a particular job

During interviews, the interviewee can judge your psychological set up towards the job. Don’t let the desperation or anxiety occupying your mind. Though, the job seems the best opportunity for you, but keep in mind that you don’t need this job. Think that there is some problem with the employer. Consider interview an opportunity that will solve your problem.

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