What is an Investment Club?

by on January 28, 2011

An investment club or group is a set up where pooling money for further investment purposes is carried out. As the name suggests such a club might come into play at a higher school or probably at the college or university level stage. A certain category of individuals who have similar aspirations and goals in life are most likely to be part of an investment club or group.

In an investment club the major focus is on making investments in areas that are somewhat out of reach in monetary terms through the pooled money. In many cases individuals wanting to invest in stock markets, shares etc might come together to realize their investment dreams. An individual might get associated with an investment club as part of an extra activity member for realizing ones investment dreams.

In most cases an investment club is well organized with a focus on professional planning and research. All this is important in order to give authenticity and fulfill long term objectives of club members. A club becomes a healthy source of providing information to enrolled members regarding the stock market and other related investment options. So, who ever is interested in growing ones hard earned money has the option of being a part of an investment club or group.

Ranks of members in a club might be assigned depending upon ones caliber and experience in the investment arena. Generally through a transparent voting system all members select their front runners, cash collectors, market brokers etc. For all kinds of investments in bonds, securities etc a common consensus is arrived at by highlighting all the pros and cons. In all the major focus of investment groups is to achieve a steady level of growth for realizing every member’s investment goals and objectives.

Different club members are assigned different tasks depending upon their particular investment interests and goals. Full coordination and market reporting is the primary objective that is essential for achieving long term investment club objectives. Studying the market history and the available market investment options on a regular basis is very important for carrying best investment in stock markets.

In most investment clubs a member is required to contribute a certain amount of money as per a fixed investment procedure. Depending upon the strictures laid down at the time of investment club formation fixed contribution is required from every club member. All this is very essential in order to maintain a regular cash flow or money pooling. So, whoever wishes to be a part of an investment club or group needs to maintain a certain amount of cash balance for the club’s money bank.

A person who can spare a definite amount of funds for investment purposes through an investment club is the right candidate for availing a membership. For a person who has other priorities like paying bills, rent etc sparing enough money for the club pool might be a bit difficult sometimes. In such case membership needs to be taken only after full calculation and retrospection.

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